Please fill out the form below for the 2018 Annual Meeting.  If you plan on attending the Breakout Sessions, read the descriptions below and choose only 2 Breakout Sessions.

2018 Annual Meeting Breakout Sessions

Upside Down Evangelism: Using your story to tell the story of Jesus

This session will focus upon how you can use your own story of Jesus’ work in your life to offer a witness to the gospel, as an alternative to using a memorized presentation. – Presented by Lyndale Holloway

Upside Down Missions: Turning your mission trip into a missional lifestyle

This session will focus upon extending the life of your mission trip experience by applying the lessons learned to daily missional living. – Presented by Steve Seaberry

Upside Down Groups: Turning content into Transformation

This session will focus upon taking the content prepared for Sunday School classes, small groups, or Bible studies groups and consistently moving toward transforming lives. – Presented by Reagan Miller

Upside Down Media: Turning Social Media into a tool for discipleship

This session will focus upon leveraging the power to social media tools for discipleship opportunities, extending the life of a sermon or Bible study lesson, and promoting spiritual growth. – Presented by Brandi Jones


We are no longer able to take reservations for the meal, however you may still register for the meeting and Breakout Sessions.


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