Use this resource for church sponsored actives that require travel.  We have three People Movers holding 15 passengers each including some luggage storage. Check if your trip dates are available by looking at the calendar below.  Events are scheduled many months in advance so reserve yours early. The People Movers are owned by the Parker Baptist Association and are used by churches in the Association only.

Information on what is needed to rent/drive/operate the People Movers:
  • We need a legible copy of current driver’s license on all potential drivers on file in our office.  Drivers must be 25 years or older to drive People Mover per our insurance company.
  • After completing form from event renting, finish paperwork making sure mileage pick-up and return are entered.
  • Make sure the People Mover is cleaned and that you are not leaving anything behind.
  • Turn the inside and outside lights off and make sure they are off before you lock the People Mover and drive away. Keys and forms are deposited in our mail slot by the office’s front door.
  1. People Mover Rental Procedures
  2. Rental Form (Please check the calendar above to make sure the van is available for the dates you are requesting)
The church will be billed for the People Mover’s usage and if the vehicle is not clean a $50 charge will be added to the bill.  You are to return the People Movers in better condition than taken.
If there is a problem with the vehicle please turn the form over and write the problem on it.  We do have our vehicles serviced and please let us know of any problems you might have so we can get it repaired.

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