Church Vitality

Assisting churches to renovate their processes in order to develop disciple-making leaders that result in creating cultures of discipleship.



The Church Vitality Mindset: Multiply more disciples to be released to expand the Christ’s Kingdom.

The Church Vitality Skillset: Training in the skills needed to grow, multiply, and release disciples.

  • Learning communities for disciple-making leaders
  • Sharpen leadership skills for paid and volunteer church leaders
  • Team training for church staffs, ministry teams, mission groups
  • Small group/Sunday School leadership training specific to your church environment
  • Renovating the spiritual, physical, and organizational aspects of the church in order to bring about vitality
  • Training in a Kingdom DNA mentality (Kingdom, Domain, Society, Church)

The Church Vitality Toolset: Tools available to restore, extend, and maintain church vitality

  • Church Unique – A deep, extensive process of mission and vision develop that looks at the unique opportunities available to that congregation to glorify God and make disciples, with particular focus upon executing the mission and vision.
  • Transformational Church – A Transformational Church it one that has people becoming more like Jesus so that churches act more like the body of Christ and communities reflect more of the Kingdom of God. Developed by LifeWay Christian Resources, this process involved an online assessment for the congregation and a one-day Discovery Retreat for Church leaders.
  • Ministry Area Profile – A Ministry Area Profile can help you identify current trends in the surrounding community.  The Ministry Area Profile is a high-impact, comprehensive demographic analysis of any area of your choice.  You will receive a 27-page PDF document that can be downloaded, distributed or printed as needed.  Click here  to fill out a request form.
  • Missions Strategy Consultation – Does your church have a missions passion?  We can assist your church to develop a strategy for missions involvement on multiple levels from local to worldwide ministry.  Click here to request more information.
  • Conflict Mediation – Every church will have conflict. The key is to manage conflict well and before it becomes destructive.A trained conflict mediator can assist your congregation to discuss and develop solutions for conflict on any level.  The mediator will not enforce pre-manufacture solutions.  He will assist you to develop your own solution to resolve conflict in a healthy way.  Let us help you resolve conflict before it becomes a divisive factor in your congregation.  Click here to request more information.


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