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We know and value the time, energy, and commitment you have made to your youth ministries and churches to engage these students in real practical ways.  So, as you send them to universities and colleges all over the state and nation, know that there are organizations all around that are wanting to find ways to reach your students to provide discipleship and relational communities.  These students could choose to plug into any number of student organizations, why not the BSM.

Coyote BSM exists to engage Weatherford College students on a journey of becoming authentic followers of Jesus.  We value authentic relationships, leadership and missions.  Relationships are the building blocks of community.  We engage students using neutral locations, 3rd places, to help us meet students and begin sharing Jesus with them.  We want to provide opportunities for them to engage other students through events and activities, game nights, on-campus events, free lunches and small groups.  If we can connect with your students, then we can begin the process of molding them into tomorrows leaders.

Here are some leadership qualities that we want to help them with.  Putting others before themselves, which we call “I am Second” mentality.  Another aspect of leadership is in the development of character traits that are not always seen but shape the outcome of what they do.  We call that the “iceberg” principle.  We also want to train your students to be able to dig into scripture for themselves, and thus being able to lead others in small group discussions.

We also want them to understand and incorporate a missionary lifestyle that will work wherever God leads them.  We teach them to leave Kingdom Imprints on others that point them to God’s grace.  We want to teach them to use an “upside down” approach to ministry.  We want them to learn how to use Divine appointments they have with their peers to connect people to Jesus.

How do we know we are winning?

When these students start to input these three spiritual rhythms into their daily walk.

  1. Am I abiding in Christ?
  2. Am I deepening my relationship with others?
  3. Am I missionally engaging my community?

So, if you know of a student who could benefit from these leadership skills, or who needs a place where they can continue to grow in their faith, we would love to connect with them and begin to invite them to join in what we are doing here at the Coyote BSM.

Weatherford College

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Sign up High School Graduates to get involved with any BSM

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