Vulnerable Children and Teens Initiative

Affirm and restore the dignity of vulnerable children and teenagers who are at-risk, in foster care, or waiting adoption.



How can churches/Sunday School classes/small groups/individuals connect?

1. Launching (generating exposure):

  • Hold a one-time drive for the foster care resource center
  • Host or advertise an awareness meeting or an awareness Sunday to outline the need for foster care and adoptive families
  • Host a parent’s night out for foster families

2. Engaging (Join with other churches, generating momentum):

  • Organize wraparound care for a foster/adoptive family (grocery shopping, lawn care, babysitting, etc.)
  • Organize a support system for a homeless teenager
  • Connect with another church that provides mentors and ministry opportunities in a local school
  • Host a missions fair to expose members to volunteer opportunities (CASA, Grace House, Freedom House, etc.) that address the needs of at-risk children and teenagers
  • Regularly highlight testimonies of volunteers that serve in these areas

3. Advocating (Build a culture within the congregation, sustainable ministry):

  • Train families within the church for foster care and respite care
  • Organize ongoing support systems for foster care/adoptive families
  • Adopt a local school for ministry; mentoring students, ministry to staff
  • Organize ongoing support ministry for homeless and at-risk teenagers
  • Ongoing recruitment of volunteers for CASA, Grace House, Freedom House, etc.

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