Multiplying Discipleship Initiative

Discover ways that God can create a culture of discipleship in our congregations where believers grow in faith and find places of service for God’s Kingdom.


How can churches/Sunday School classes/small groups/individuals can connect?

1. Launching (generating exposure):

  • Begin a foundational discipleship relationship with a new believer, or initiate a process for discipleship of new believers
  • Host or attend a one-time event introducing a Kingdom-focused discipleship process
  • Experiment with a group (or groups) of two to three people in discipleship relationships.

2. Engaging (Join with other churches, generating momentum):

  • Pastors or staff members joining a learning community to explore disciple-making leadership
  • Create a system or pathway for members to grow as disciples and to lead others to faith in Christ and growth in discipleship.

3. Advocating (Build a culture within the congregation, sustainable ministry):

  • Commit to a culture in which growth service is considered the norm.
  • Develop Kingdom/Disciple/Society/Church DNA within the church that releases members for gospel transformation

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