Missional Training & Engagement Initiative

Inspire a missionary mindset in churches that releases trained disciples into their communities to share the love of Jesus and expand His Kingdom.


How can churches/Sunday School classes/small groups/individuals connect?

1. Launching (generating exposure):

  • Participate in one-time learning experiences such as prayer walking, evangelism training, Upside Down Ministry training, etc.
  • Participate in a learning trip to be exposed to models for Missional Engagement
  • Participate in one-time service opportunities that create exposure to a missional mindset

2. Engaging (Join with other churches, generating momentum):

  • Develop missional communities focused on specific areas of ministry need
  • Develop new ministries focused upon a community need
  • Create strategic partnerships that result in the starting of new churches

 3. Advocating (Build a culture within the congregation, sustainable ministry):

  • Commit to a culture that multiplies your own ministry into points of service and worship that results in new churches.


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