What is Loving Parker County? Loving Parker County is a movement to intentionally cover our county with the love of Jesus Christ with our words and actions.

Loving Parker County is a means to an end. The desired end is for our churches to cooperatively train and release disciples of Jesus into their communities as missionaries for the Kingdom of God.


You say it is a “means,” so what is that? We want to inspire a movement that combines good works and good news so that the gospel of Christ can transform all of the sectors (domains) of our communities. The means for that is to provide inspiration, tools, and resources for churches to use in order to raise up and release disciples of Jesus.


What are “domains?” Domains are the networks that create structure for our communities. People from our churches represent Jesus in each of these domains every day, and we can be an influence for Christ in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and common places where we gather with friends.

  • Education
  • Government
  • Business
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Art & Media
  • Science and technology
  • Social & Recreation


What are the objectives? 

  • Mobilize a movement of believers in Parker County to love our neighbors in the same way that Jesus loved us.
  • Every person in Parker County to experience a personal interaction with the love and grace of Jesus on multiple occasions.
  • Create cultures of discipleship within the churches of Parker Baptist Association that send out disciples of Jesus into missional engagement.


Aren’t we doing some of this already? Yes. Many of our churches are active in discipleship, doing good works, and sharing the good news. Loving Parker County is simply a way to leverage our strength as cooperative churches to make a greater impact, and to measure that impact more effectively.

Also, we would like to shine the light onto some of the greatest needs that exist in the County and help churches apply their faith in the gospel to those needs.


How is this different from the ministry that non-profits perform?  Several non-profit ministries do outstanding work focused upon specific needs. We hope that Loving Parker County will result in a greater number of volunteers to partner with those ministries to make a difference.

At the same time, churches are not called to just serve non-profit ministries. We are called to be a light that chases away the darkness in our communities with the gospel of Christ. So, our hope is to mobilize people of faith to do more than just volunteer. We want to be carriers of the light of the gospel to our neighborhoods, workplaces, and common gathering places.


Is this evangelistic? Yes, we want to proclaim the incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and return of Jesus Christ by living out his gospel in every area of our community.


Does this take the focus away from the church? No, we want to empower local churches to accomplish their mission as the people of God by equipping and releasing disciples with passion and ideas to impact their communities.


How can our church participate?

  • Enlist members to register at pray4everyhome.com to pray for their neighbors.
  • Lead your church to become more intentional about disciple-making.
  • Schedule missional training for your congregation in 2018.
  • Take advantage of tools that are offered (i.e., Pray for Every Home) to increase missional activity.
  • Schedule opportunities for your church to participate in missional activity. For example, when we offer opportunities for churches to impact the foster care need in Parker County, find ways to get your church involved.
  • Change your scorecard. Instead of just measuring attendance and giving, find ways to measure how church members leave “imprints” of the gospel in the community.

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