Resources we all share

Through our cooperative ministry, churches of the Parker Baptist Association have been blessed with resources that we share with one another in our mission to invest in Kingdom-focused churches that help people to see and follow Jesus Christ. Some of those resources are actually services generated through relationships and discussions that can guide churches to discover the direction that God is taking them and how to design ministry that follows that God-given dream.

Other resources are more tangible. These physical resources allow churches to have use of equipment they might not be able to afford, or it would not make sense for them to purchase. These resources include:

  • Three 15-passenger people movers
  • A ministry trailer designed for special events
  • An audio/visual library containing Bible studies, videos and LCD projectors for church use
  • A Die cut machine with a large library of dies
  • A large format printer for banners, large posters and signs
  • A large laminating machine
  • New Ministry grants of up to $1,000 for new ministry initiatives
  • Community Demographic profiles
  • Notary Public services
  • Assistance with Background checks.

Some of these resources can be provided free of charge. For example, we pay an annual fee from the Association budget for access to demographic information that allows us to generate profiles of your ministry area. For other resources, such as the large format printer, we recover the cost of supplies. And for others, such as the people movers and trailer, we charge a fee that builds a fund for maintenance, repairs and insurance.

There is an important point to keep in mind for all of these physical resources. All of this equipment belongs to the churches of the Association, not to the Association office. You do have a staff that is charged with managing the use of this equipment within policy parameters but we do not own it. The churches own it and we share it with one another. So, here are some useful tips to make sure that we can share all of our resources in the best way possible.

Remember to pick up what you reserve on time, or cancel your reservation if you no longer need it. Our office hours are from 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am – 12:00pm on Friday with the exception of holidays and rare occasions that are posted ahead of time. If you have made a reservation, please come during those times to pick up what you need.

If you no longer need something that you have reserved, then please cancel that reservation as quickly as possible. Another church might be on a waiting list, and if you no longer need the item that you reserved then they can make use of it.

Return what you borrow promptly so that someone else can use it. During the summer, it is common for the people movers to be returned by one church and taken out by another church on the same day. You can make this transfer easier by bringing them back as soon as you return from a trip. The same is true for Bible studies that are borrowed from the A/V library. Another church might be waiting for you to complete the study so it is important to return it as soon as you are finished.

Return everything in the same condition that you would want it to be in when you pick it up. If you fail to return the Leader’s Guide to a Bible study kit then the next church will not have access to it. If you leave trash in the people mover, or grass and debris in the inflatables when you roll them up then the next church has to deal with it. We do not employ anyone to clean out the people movers and we don’t have the space or ability to unload the ministry trailer in order to load it back properly.

Remember that these are resources that we share together. You will bless the next church by leaving every piece of equipment in better shape than you find it. If something is broken or in need of repair, let us know. As strange as it may seem, none of us in the office ever drives the people movers so we don’t know if the brakes squeal or a headlight is out. We do have a volunteer that takes them for routine maintenance, but most of the time we discover repair needs by getting a report from churches that use them. Help us keep them in good shape for you.

We exist to help churches that help people to see and follow Jesus. We want to focus every tool, service and resource to accomplish that purpose as capably as we can.

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