Tips for making RightNow Media work for you

By now, we hope that each church has been contacted by RightNow Media to set up the account provided by the Association. Each account is complimentary for a year. At the end of that year, you will have to opportunity to continue at a discount under the Association umbrella.

The RightNow media staff can help you with the setup and running of your account, and their role is to help you have the best experience. RNM is an additional tool for your disciple-making toolbox, that serves our strategy of helping to create cultures of discipleship. Here are some additional tips that can help make this tool effective for you.

Extend the impact of the Pastor’s Sermon. Pastors invest a lot of hours in preparation for the Sunday sermon. Once delivered, we tend to move on to the next message. If you have the capability to record video or audio of the sermon, you can load that into your own content channel on RNM. You can also add follow-up questions for people to consider in application of the sermon.

Create a unique hashtag(#) for each sermon and post bullet points at specific times during the week on social media, inviting feedback and conversation. How are people actively applying the points that you made? What conversations can be created that continue giving life to the sermon in the days after it has been delivered? What decisions are waiting to be made after a period of reflection?

A Pastor can also suggest video content on RNM that reinforces the topic of the sermon, allowing congregants to do a deeper dive into Scripture. A set of questions can be connected to the video to guide discussion and invite an ongoing conversation of growth.

Develop Leaders. Do you have a specific strategy for discipling and developing the leaders that you need to facilitate growth? Do you struggle to find times to get leaders together for discipleship and development? RightNow Media affords the opportunity to “de-centralize” development. Videos on RNM can be assigned for leaders to watch at their convenience along with a study guide of customized questions. This can allow the times when you are able to meet face-to-face to be more productive.

Expand small group opportunities. With 24/7 access to RightNow Media, small group meetings can literally take place anytime and anywhere. Groups can meet in homes to watch a video series together and have facilitated discussion, or group members can watch videos ahead of time and meet for discussion. Access to video platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. mean that group members do not have to always be in the same room.

If you have members that travel extensively for work, or travel on weekends for club sports, RNM affords the opportunity to keep them connected with church community and grow as disciples. It certainly does not take the place of active worship attendance, but it can keep people connected during seasons of travel or absence.

De-centralize learning. Since every member of the church has instant access to the RNM library, you have the opportunity to intentionally connect them with quality, Biblical learning about issues facing individuals, marriages, teenagers, raising children, depression, etc. The church staff does not have to develop this content, but it can multiply the staff’s influence by consistently highlighting and recommending content for church members.

Create your own content. What information do you want to have in front of your congregation on a regular basis? Do you want people to see what is taking place in missions and ministry? Do you want them to see videos from summer camp or Vacation Bible School? Do you want them to see the opportunities that are available? Do you want them to see testimonies of stewardship or missions? Do you want them to be captured by your church’s vision?

If so, create content, post it in your own channel and make it available for anyone to see at their convenience. So, if someone misses a Sunday, does not read the bulletin, or does their turn in the nursery they can still be connected, informed and inspired.

Let us know the creative ways that you are making use of RightNow Media for your congregation.

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