Coyote BSM Update – 2.15.2018

Submitted by Mark Nelson.

We have had a great start to the Spring Semester.  Our lunches are producing additional opportunities for kingdom imprints and discipling relationships.  We have a devotional time each week centered around a verse or two along with personal application.  We currently serve between 100-150 students weekly on two campuses.  Churches help us with each lunch which allows us to have more opportunities to share with and meet the students as they come in.

I am also working toward a small leadership team, between 4-8 students on both campuses.  The students that meet with me feel encouraged that there other local students with whom they can form small groups.  In these groups we hope to find moments of fellowship, prayer, eating together and helping one another, very similar to the model we see at the beginning of Acts.

Our weekly Survey through the Old Testament has begun, and we have seen a small group coming on Fridays.  We hope that over time, we can build upon this group so that we can equip them with Scriptures and Knowledge as they develop in leadership and discipleship.  There is an opportunity for this to be taken on the road to other campuses in the WC network.  Would you continue to pray for these opportunities to materialize and that the gospel can be shared to the students there?

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