What is the Parker County Prayer Initiative:

  • Churches praying for one another that God will create unity among believers and ignite a greater spiritual passion within each congregation.
  • Churches praying for new congregations that will bring light to every dark corner of Parker County.
  • Believers praying to the “Lord of the Harvest” for workers to be called out into the field of Parker County.
  • Pastors praying for one another and encouraging one another to be leaders in personal evangelism and disciple-making.
  • Churches praying for and meeting the needs of their communities by prayer walking, and praying for the institutions and leaders that serve their communities.

Pray for your community:

  • Pray for your neighbors using the Prayer for Every Home app. Pray for divine appointments, healed relationships, and for God to reveal Himself to your neighbors. How can you be the light of Christ in your neighborhood?
  • Pray for your elected community leaders. How can you minister to them?
  • Pray for the institutions in your community; schools, hospitals, police and fire departments, community agencies. How can you join them in making a positive impact upon your community?



Join other believers at 10:02 each morning, to pray the prayer of Luke 10:2 for workers in the field of Parker County. Set the alarm on your watch or phone for 10:02 am or pm, and pause to prayer for workers in the harvest.


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